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I am currently employed as the General Manager in a top 10 market at an AM daytime only station without a translator. We lease our station to a client that provides our programming.

My owners have stated I either have a client on paying what they want by June 1 or they're pulling the plug. If you've ever operated a station like this, you understand the limited number of potential clients and how their whereabouts are hard to come by. Usually it is a personal introduction or you hire a broker.

So, unless I get lucky, my 25 years at the station will come to an end and I will be looking for a way to earn a paycheck.

If you have a station and are looking for someone to sell or perform several other duties in a radio station. I might be right for you.

My experience includes on air, production, copywriting, sales, programming and management. I have extensive experience in small market operations, having to do much with very little (ie: your promotional budget is exactly what you see reflected in the mirror...a quote from one owner).

Please click the contact me button here and we can talk today. Let's see if we can mutually benefit each other.

I have 4 decades in radio and more years of service to offer the next station. I'm passionate about radio and have been all my life. That makes me a student of radio that learns more almost daily.