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Here's the situation. The radio station I manage is an AM daytimer that leases the airtime to a single client that provides the station's programming.

My owners are some of the nicest folks you could hope to work for. They do not understand radio and are very busy with their careers. When you lose a client and have zero billing, it's gets scary for them. Right now they're scared. I have a couple of good prospects but nothing concrete just yet.

They've mentioned just taking the station dark. If they do, so goes my paycheck.

The truth is I might have someone ready to sign tomorrow, but you never know and you have to prepare for the worst case scenario by assuming their words hold weight and weren't just said out of frustration.

So, if you have a station and need a passionate radio guy that has worked programming, sales and management, please, let's talk. I feel a small town General Manager or sales position would work well for me, an opportunity to utilize my skills. I'm not truly challenged by just selling a client and being sure they pay and stay on the air.

If you would invest a few minutes, I think you might like what you learn of me. You have nothing to lose, so click that 'contact us' button.

If that client comes tomorrow or next week or next month, fine. You will have at least met someone new who loves radio and is ready to help in any way I can.