Low Power Fm LPFM and Radio Notes

Radio Broadcasting Site by Veteran Broadcaster


My name is Bill Turner.

I have had a lifelong interest in radio.  My Dad speaking of me, said I was pretending to be on the radio at age 3 or 4.  I recall spinning records and announcing them to a pencil in 1st grade.  By 4th grade I was making recordings on an old reel to reel recorder.  After Christmas in 6th grade I started a tiny neighborhood station and kept it running until getting into radio full time in July 1978.  I've been in the broadcasting business since then.

My experience has included 'on air', programming, sales and management.  I'm one of the few that went from the 'on air' side of the building to the 'sales' side, so I have a much different perspective of radio from the typical radio management that typically has no 'on air' experience.

My dream is to own a radio station, especially in a small community.  For me, I believe Low Power FM makes sense because commercial AM and FM frequencies are auctioned by the Federal Communications Commission to the highest bidder and the process is nothing even remotely close to eBay.  Most auction winners have tremendous debt and struggle for years to pay back incredible sums of money for the right of ownership.  Low Power FM, while restrictive, is low investment and very low risk.  It can be quite successful as a small town's only radio station.

I have had literally hundreds of people tell me to write a book on running a radio station.  I will consider this my attempt.  I don't believe I have the patience to do it and fear I'll miss a few things because they are as automatic with me as my body is with breathing.